Your support is crucial as we work towards breaking the supermajority in the Tennessee General Assembly. Together, we can ensure that our voices are heard and that our values are represented.

Throughout the 113th Tennessee General Assembly Session, we’ve made significant strides on several critical issues, and your support has been at the heart of our successes:


- Promoting Conflict Resolution in Schools: Prioritizing safer and more nurturing educational environments by focusing on conflict resolution over firearms.

- Achieving Pay Equity for Public Defenders: Ensuring fair compensation for our public defenders, helping to retain top legal talent and uphold justice in Tennessee.

- Enhancing Women’s Reproductive Health Care: Passing legislation for 12-month refills of birth control prescriptions for TennCare recipients, empowering women across the state.

- Standing Against the Governor’s Voucher Scheme: Defending quality public education for all Tennessee children.


These accomplishments demonstrate what we can achieve when we stand together. But to continue this vital work and to break the supermajority that stifles progress, we need your help. Your presence at this event and your financial contributions are crucial for supporting my re-election campaign and strengthening our efforts to bring balanced, sensible leadership to Tennessee.


Mail Checks to: 

Friends of Karen Camper

3545 Hazelhedge Dr.

Memphis, TN 38116


For more info email: [email protected].


Thank you for your unwavering support!

Karen Camper  

Tennessee State Representative & House Minority Leader